IE9: I mean, what the frick!

I can’t believe how incredible it is! And for your information, any Microsoft employees who see this, feel free to post this on the IE9 webpage! This is beginning of the new Internet age! They made it sleeker and cooler! They fitted it in with Windows 7’s theme! Oh, and a word of regret for all the XP users- Ryan Gavin, head of the IE Marketing and Planning, said that they won’t support it for XP.┬áDean Hachamovitch added, ‘Building a modern browser requires a modern operating system.’ However, Vista users are in the green! This 7er is in love with IE9. One word no, two words, sums- no, three words will- oh, actually four words: The epitome of browser perfection. Oh, dang, thats 5.

Heaven on Earth. Slightly. Whatever. This is quasi-advertising so shut up and click the link, dumbos!

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USPS Ads: Reruns, Reruns, Reruns!

LOL I hate them!

Nuclear Energy: Closer Than We Thought?

Last Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he wants to see the Indian Point nuclear power plant, located 38 miles from New York City, shut down. “This plant in this proximity to the city was never a good risk,” he explained. Cuomo was hardly the first person to express concerns about t…

Hell! Look at this image:

Indian Point Power Plant

Its near my hometown, Norwalk!

I’m actually creeped out by that! The nuclear power plant could kill me. Norwalk is 45ish miles close to the city.

HELP HIM BECOME FAMOUS AND STAR IN A MOVIE…. which I don’t know the name of! HELP HIM! Or I will revoke your Steve access.


You fu**king bastard! Wait until Sedge gets you…. you jerk off!

I am a 4 million dollar human…

with a total value of – Draftstreet Review

That’s right! Well, the false Doctorate Degree was probably a coupla’ grand….

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